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Shipping Policy


All Reptiles come with

100% Live & Healthy Arrival


A Full 10 Day Money Back Guarantee*

 7 Day Money Back Guarantee!

 FedEx Priority Overnight Shipping

$39.95 FedEx Priority (AM) Overnight Delivery Anywhere in the Continental USA!


 All Reptiles, Amphibians and Invertebrates are carefully packed using:

FedEx Approved Vented Shipping Box properly labled "Live Harmless Reptile"

1/2", 3/4" or 1.5" Styrofoam Panels are used to fully insulate the box

Vented Cups (Small Animals) or Snakes Sacks (Larger Animals)

Appropriate number of Heat / Cold Packs according to your current weather conditions.

Moist Paper Towels / Damp Moss is added for Amphibians and Tropical Reptiles

Shredded Paper Nest to keep your new family member secure!

   *** No charge for box or packing materials! ***



Most orders made before 2pm Eastern time are shipped SAME DAY!

Holidays, Thursdays and the 2 weeks before & after Christmas you can expect a 1 day delay in processing.



Animals that cost more than $500.00 will take an extra day to process as we have the vet. do an expection and sign a Health Certifcate before we ship.



 Shipping Days are Monday - Thursday

Please note that Mondays can get REALLY busy so not all orders will get processed that day.



Void in areas over 90F or under 40F

If the temp drops below 40F or over 90F at any point during the day of delivery this will void your warranty.


There is no excuse for not knowing your own weather!

PLEASE check before ordering.  Do not order and tell us to ship when we feel it's safe.  If you order, we will ship.

If your forecasted low temp the day of delivery is below freezing we will more than likely cancel your order or delay

shipment.  So again PLEASE do not order unless you know your weather is within our above limits.



Package must be signed for on the first delivery attempt or warranty is void.

Waiving Signature Required instantly voids your warranty.

(Contact us BEFORE you order if you wish to waive the requried signature)

(Not Availalbe in all areas)



Packages delivered AFTER 12:00pm local time voids warranty.

If you live in the country or out of town a ways, please contact FedEx

and have your package held there and pick it up. 



Packages delviered to Alaska & Hawaii are not guaranteed!


Michigan State Law REQUIRES a Health Certificate signed by a Veterinarian for ALL imported animals.


Hawaii now requires both a Health Certificate & Import Permit - Therefore we have a minimum $500

for all Hawaii orders and they all must clear the Dept. of Agriculture first.   PLEASE contact us BEFORE

you order something going to Hawaii. 



*Emerald Tree Boas & Green Tree Pythons & Monitor Lizards = Live Arrival Only.


* Chameleons & Flying Dragons are NOT guaranteed


* Anoles & Geckos sold as FEEDERS are NOT guaranteed


* Please understand - Amphibians & Invertebrates are not "Reptiles"



DO NOT change your delivery method from Home Delivery to Hold for Pickup AFTER the

package has arrived at your local processing center.  That will instantly void your warranty.  If you want to have your order held at FedEx please contact FedEx with your tracking number to request a hold on the day of shipping NOT the day of delivery.


Do not use a public Shopping Mall or Military Base as a shipping address.

This will void your warranty.   If you are active duty please contact us before ordering.


We are NOT FedEx and have no control over delivery times.  We ship using AM overnight.  Please do not request that we call you to make sure you are home.   If you aren't going to home, DO NOT ORDER!   Orders where people request a phone call will be shipped without a signature and without a warranty.  So again, DO NOT ORDER unless you know for sure you or someone else will be home all day to sign for your new pet(s).   If you have to work or go to school the day of delivery we suggest you have it shipped to a place where someone is going to be home all day as there are no guarantees with delivery times.  There is no excuse for not being there when FedEx shows up!


NO RETAIL ORDERS SHIPPED OUTSIDE THE USA!  Only wholesale orders shipped

to businesses with the proper permits are processed.


Shipping Charges are not refundable

+If we are replacing a DOA we cover all shipping of course (CB Reptiles ONLY)

If you order multiple reptiles and one dies, we will issue full credit for the prices of the DOA.

Shipping Charges will NOT be refunded if 1 of many reptiles is DOA.


+Field Collected Reptiles Refunded as Store Credit Only and DOA Shipping Charges not covered. 


You have 2 hours after delivery to contact us regarding DOA's or animals that arrive

unhealthy.   Do not wait days to email us about a broken toe nail.  Do not simply

call us and leave a message.  Until we receive photos of the problem we cannot start

the return/refund process.   You have 2 hours from the time FedEx delivers to email photos of ANY visible damage.

Any claims made after that will not be processed.


If you receive the wrong animal or the wrong size animal - you have 2 hours from the time of delivery to CALL us and let us know.

Waiting longer than 2 hours will void free shipped back to our facility.  CALLING within 2 hours will give FedEx enough time to stop back by your location to pick the package back up.  Emailng this problem is not acceptable.  You MUST CALL 800-975-5880 Ext 2 within 2 hours of delivery or you will be responisble you return overnight shipping.  Any wrong animal or wrong sized animal will be refunded or replaced at no additional cost to you. 


If your reptile dies within your 10 day warranty period, please email photos

right away.  Do not wait days to email us photos as this will void your warranty.

Leaving a message, speaking with sales staff, sending a text or fax will not be accepted.

EMAIL PHOTOS to sales@floridaherps.com



Sizes of Field Collected Reptiles is Approximate and Genders are not Guaranteed


Imported Spiders sometimes have missing legs, they do grow back after molting.  If you want to see the specimen before you order please email for pictures.


Imported Adult Snakes are sold as breeders only, not as pets.  If you have questions please just ask!


Health of Non-Captive Bred Turtles/Tortoises is not guaranteed.  We do of course test and treat

for internal parasites, but some will have extra scutes or even damaged parts of their shells.  These are sold are breeders only, if you have

questions please ask before ordering.



 $20.00 Weight Surcharge Added for Adult Snakes & Large Tortoises  


We do not ship large snakes until 72 hours AFTER their last feeding.  We hope you can appreciate this.  If you want to know their schedule just ask before you order!



We are not responsible for carrier delays or mishandlings.

Please keep this in mind when ordering right before holidays or during severe weather.



 Lack of Proper Quarantining will void warranty.

(Dont buy a turtle and put in with your existing turtle until after 2 weeks of quarantine - same for all animals)

(Don't do things like stick a map or painted turtle in with an aggressive Cooter or Slider = Voids Warranty)

(Do not order more than 1 of something and house together until after 2 weeks, otherwise that Voids Warranty)

(Do not stick your new snake or lizard into the same room as your other reptiles)



Improper Habitats will void warranty.

For example - DO NOT house Tortoises, Iguanas, Chameleons or Monitor Lizards in Fish Tanks/Glass Habitats = DEATH SENTANCE!

DO NOT house iguanas in wooden homeade cages unless made of untreated HARDWOOD!

(Cedar and Pine are TOXIC to reptiles)

If you have questions about how to properly care for your new reptile, PLEASE just ask!


Here is an example of an improper Iguana Cage.  This photo courtesy of RJ Olsen:









Same Day Delivery

Delta Air Cargo = $90 - $135 depending on location (up to 70lbs)

Must be picked up at your local airport within 2 hours of arrival - Please call to arrange Airline Shipments



Please understand we do not HOLD live animals for any reason.
If you order and request us to ship at a later date

we will, but if we sell out before your shipping day your order will be cancelled/refunded.


Inventory Changes hourly!  We update it Mon-Thurs. at 6pm EST.  
That means if we sell out of something over the weekend (or on a Friday) it might not get marked out

of stock until Monday. Be mindful of this when ordering rare animals over the weekend. 

PRE-ORDERS - Estimated Arrival Times of PRE-ORDER animals is not a guarantee.  
Sometimes animals do not pass health inspections and we refuse to
buy them.


Live Animals being returned due to buyers remorse are NOT refunded at all in any way.

(Non-Health Related Issues)

These are LIVING aniamls, do not order unless you are sure you are ready to properly care for your new pet.

If you have questions - ask them BEFORE you order.   NO REFUNDS/RETURNS just because your lizard or snake

bit you.  These are exotic pets that require their owners to have some level of skill and knowledge.

If we agree to take back animals, the refund will be 50% the sale price and be applied ONLY as store credit. 

So please make sure to read the product descriptions BEFORE you order. 


You may cancel your order at anytime, but there is a 20% Restocking/Processing Fee.  So DO NOT order if you are unsure.  Failure to read and understand our terms will not simply negate them.  So again, DO NOT ORDER unless you are ready to receive your new pet and completely understand the terms on this page.


Contact Us for the Return Addresses as we have 3 locations in Florida.