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Pac Man Frog

  • Green Pac Man Frog Baby
  • Green Pac Man Frog Baby
  • Green Pac Man Frog Baby
  • Green Pac Man Frog Adult

Product Description

Green Pac Man Frogs (ceratophrys ornata) - 2015 Captive Bred Babies!  Small but growing fast!

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None - Live Guarantee is for Reptiles Only!

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Product Reviews

  1. Awesome & Entertaining Pet! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Jul 2011

    I've got 9 Emperor Scorpions, 1 Pink Toed Tarantula, 1 Bearded Dragon & now 1 Pac Man frog and I'm going to be 53 yrs old soon! I guess I'm living my childhood science dream but they're all lined up in my home office in very nice tanks/terrariums & I really enjoy every single one of them!
    My Mama Scorpion passed away couple months after birth of 24 babies (right after I wrote my review on Emperor Scorps), so I had an 18x18x18 ExoTerro Terrarium setup sitting here empty. I did a lot of online research to decide what I wanted as a replacement and the PacMan frog caught my interest. Wow, I had no idea what laughter he would bring to my household, Bubba Gumpers is way TOO funny! I've got 3 inches of coconut substrate in the tank & he loves to scoot backwards all the way to the bottom, even completely covering his eyes during the day where he sleeps invisibly, although sometimes I hear him bark during the day but otherwise you'd think the tank was empty. At night I dig him up (make sure I wash my hands first & get all lotion or oils off my skin) & feed him 5-6 large gutt loaded crickets. I feed him a frozen (defrosted) pinkie mouse about every 2 wks since he is almost an adult. Every single time he lunges at the food offered in my tongs he catches me off guard and I crack up laughing! And then he sits there waiting for whatever else I have to offer.
    These guys have so much personality + they're GREAT photography subjects when you get the camera lens down to their mouth level since their mouths smile from ear to ear. When they swallow food their eyes disappear & they gulp, then back in stance for the next offering. Mine gripes (makes funny noises) when I dig him out for feedings but in the end he always looks happy for more food & photos! He seems to like to poop in his water dish so I make sure to clean it daily + they need very high humidity & heat like the rainforest they came from so you need to mist the tank 2x per day & keep heat at about 82-85 degrees, I have an undertank heater + run a fish tank light bulb all day then turn off at night. I covered about 80% of the 2nd half of ExoTerra screened top (1st half has light canopy) with a glass panel, that way there is an area for air but still keeps tank w/ high humidity & heat.
    These PacMan frogs are a great pet for a family or responsible pet owner who is willing to spend time needed to give him proper environment & feedings. In captivity they can live for many many years so plan for a long term committment & tons of laughter.
    I love my Bubba Gumpers & hope he's around for a long time ;-)

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